October 28th

The most ordinary, is the most beautiful.

A leaf on the ground

Snowflakes falling

A dog barking

The little things make the big things special.



The clouds begin to take form and shape above me.

Curvy lines outline the sky-

A coloring book for a young mans mind

Turning into different childhood dreams.

A flower in full bloom.

A turtle eating an apple.

An astronaut jumping from moon rock to moon rock.

A million green blades below

Create a bed for me to lie on.

As my head hits the grass

The sweet smell of dirt and dew fill the air around me.

Closing my eyes,

I let the wind rush over my face-

Like a tranquil gust.

A quiet chirp of a cricket rings like a bell at dinnertime.

The sun begins to leave.

And so do I.

An open letter to September

September, come quietly.

Tip toe through the night while the world sleeps

Let the bees buzz and the sun continue to shine

Let the birds sing their songs and the children play in the lake

September, come quietly.

Creep into your place on the calendar unnoticed

Let the leaves fall delicately,

One by one

Let the cool night air bring a breeze, not gusts

Let the world not know of your presence

Let ignorance fill the air

September, come quietly.